In the article Is Eminent Domain the Only Hope For Redeveloping Inner Cities? [REJ], eminent domain has been used effectively in blighted areas for economic redevelopment, but not without controversy. Opponents contend that economic redevelopment can occur without eminent domain.

After the KELO et al. v. CITY OF NEW LONDON et al. [Find Law] case, where the state powers were upheld for taking property for private development, state legislatures are beginning to react:

Here’s a summary of additional states reactions to the Kelo ruling: Eminent Domain: States React to Kelo Decision [APA]

For more details on Eminent Domain:
[Eminent Domain: Nice Home, I’ll Take It] [Matrix]
[Eminent Domain: What The Supreme Court Ruling Means To NYC] [Gotham Gazette]


2 Responses to “Wrecking Ball: Taking Eminent Domain Private”

  1. ElamBend says:

    It was when this developer, Koman, was speaking to my Commercial Real Estate class in my last year of law school that I decided that I was going to forego the practice of law and become a real estate developer. He’s got a lock on the Walgreens development in the St. Louis area. Good guy.

  2. John Philip Mason says:

    While “highest and best use” is a relatively simple process to determine the highest rate of monetary return on a piece of real estate, it forgoes both the value of neighborhood character and characters within the neighborhood. Even a great city like New York is simply a compact collection of small towns, full of small town people, each splendid in all its glory and flaws. It’s interesting that a nation of such diversity is so driven to become so homogenized.