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[Winter Of Our Discontent] Mortgage Meltdown In 60 Minutes, Toxic Mortgages As Bonus, Wacked-out Compensation

Ok, so I procrastinated placing this post up…

Watch CBS Videos Online [1]

The program 60 minutes is on a roll after lying dormant for several years. I always view it as the bookmark to my weekend after watching my dose of NFL on sunday afternoon. It began with the Obama interview and keeps on rolling.

I am very late to post this, but the clip on the “Mortgage Meltdown” from a week ago Sunday is more of the same but, but like cod liver oi [2]l, it’s probably good to take.

And Credit Suisse has initiated bonus compensation based on their toxic mortgage portfolio [3]. Brilliant! Did someone say “skin in the game?”

And while we are talking about mortgages, there was a terrific article last week in the New York Times about mortgage-related compensation [4]. That hits close to home in Manhattan and it’s impact on the real estate market. So much was paid out, based on essentially nothing.

Aside: What really is a buyer’s market? [5]

Hi Amy the attorney! Nice to meet you last week.