Here’s a few articles that have been hanging around for a future post but I don’t want their relevance to slip away. With more heavy items than lite items, I hope I am not presenting a pessamistic bias here…because that would be heavy.


Buyers, Sellers Need To Be Realistic [WP]
Donald Trump, Mortgage Broker [BW]
So. Cal Homes Hit New High [Reuters]
Falling Real Estate Commissions [CNN]
Being Bullish and Young Somehow Sounds Like Inexperience [Miami Herald]
Malcom Gladwell and Freakonomics Debate About the Broken Window Theory []


Blondie Rocks About Architecture and Stuff [NYND]
Rick Moranis Comments On The Greenspan Book Deal [NYT]
Being Badgered At A Real Estate Closing [Dave Barry]
McLofts Come To A Neighborhood Near You [Chicago Tribune]


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