It’s time to share my Three Cents Worth (3CW) on Curbed NY, at the intersection of neighborhood and real estate in the capital of the world…and I’m simply here to take measurements.

Read this week’s 3CW column on @CurbedNY:

…After last week’s semi-heady four-bedroom/studio ratio thing, I thought I’d go a bit lighter as summer is nearly over and we all need a break. Admittedly it’s been bedlam in appraiserville this month (translation: we’re seeing a lot of sales activity for August—more on that soon). With all the talk about the high end market, there hasn’t been much discussion about Northern Manhattan (aka Uptown) lately so I thought I’d drill down a bit. I broke out Manhattan sales over the past four years (just before the Lehman tipping point) into the four regions: Downtown [blue line], East Side [red line], West Side [green line] and Uptown [pink line] by their year-over-year percent change…


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