It’s Thursday afternoon so it is time to share my Three Cents Worth on Curbed, at the intersection of neighborhood and real estate.

I also was assured by Curbed staff that I really am (they actually swore at to this) a tenured professor of appraisal economics at Curbed University — credentials that get me into very high level government meetings — to sweep and mop.

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2 Responses to “[Three Cents Worth] Listing Discount, A Spiked Punch”

  1. Orlando says:

    The Realtors are going to continue to catch it for the next 5 years… =o(

  2. Edd Gillespie says:


    The Realtors are going to have to catch it from somebody they haven’t caught it from previously, ’cause so far it has made absolutely no significant impact.

    Anyway the whole enchilada is a victim of greed and those Realtor guys are just doing their job for the seller, which is of course to get the highest possible price. Never mind commissions, numbers of listings and reputations.