Sure happy it’s Thursday to share my Three Cents Worth on Curbed, at the intersection of neighborhood and real estate.

This week I pencil in a thin blue line to show a relationship, and instead get a bunch of rants.

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5 Responses to “[Three Cents Worth #120] Concentrating on a Relationship”

  1. Edd Gillespie says:

    Well hang in there Jonathan. That is an ad hominem place over there. I don’t think the posters are particularly interested in information that indicates anything different than what “feels” right. As you noted, making sense of it is not a priority. I ventured an opinion over there last week, admittedly with a barb in it, and got dissed so you have some company, even though I asked for it and you didn’t. Maybe they’re afraid of new information or thinking. Just keep up the good work here for sure, but remember what you said about snarks when you’re over there.
    The vocal audience does definitely not consist of inquiring minds, hence conversation is forever circular and desperately shallow. i.e. you’re wrong because you’re wrong, or its true because its true, or the most common, “I didn’t know that so it is a lie.”

  2. I am an independent Realtor in Chappaqua New York, one of Westchester County’s most sought after locations. I enjoyed your perspective and your responses to our real estate market today. I would love a copy of your advice and exel spread sheet. Do you have an interest in exploring and including Westchester County? It is where New Yorkers are moving.

    • Thanks Sheila – much appreciated – you’ve got a great web site. I almost moved there back in 1990 when we moved out of the city. I have been considering it for a while – we perform appraisals in Westchester and it would be logical to expand my report series there. Stay tuned. 😉

  3. Cheryl says:

    You have much thicker skin than I ever gave you credit for. Those soapbox comments are brutal!

  4. changing my business name from siderow kennedy to siderow(?) real estate group,,siderow group etc. your opinion counts!!!!! sheila