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Three Cents Worth:
Reading the Tea Leaves of Listing Inventory

This week I thought I’d try to compare the listing inventory trend in the first two months of any given year and see if there was a corresponding change in re-sale price per square foot adjusted for inflation. The thinking is that faster inventory growth means more weakness in price—pretty basic.

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One Response to “[Three Cents Worth #142] Reading the Tea Leaves of Listing Inventory”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if sellers that hid last year, a significant number, will choose to put their properties back on the market. On the one hand the market, still wounded but much better then last year, has to look like a safer bet. On the other, there is plenty of negative real estate/business news to give sellers pause. Maybe wait longer or don’t sell at all

    Extra inventory we don’t need but how much will it affect pricing? Depends on the numbers I suppose. I’m wondering that if we see more inventory at lower pricing could that actually spur some sales as buyers see opportunity and discounts?