One of the better ideas for marketing your blogs these days seems to be going to the trouble of making a list. A top ten list, a favorites list, lists of lists and so on.

Its called framing.

By ranking others, you infer that you are an authority. You announce it to every blog on the list and then each blog ultimately posts it as shameless self promotion (I am certainly guilty of that every day).

Matrix (see?) was announced as one of the “Top 35 Real Estate Blogs” according to, a real estate investing community site that I was not familiar with.

However their content is impressive and I appreciate their recognition. In fact, I agree with much of their list but they left out, who recently won an award as most innovative real estate blog from Inman at the San Francisco Connect conference.

One Response to “This Week’s Blog Marketing Prowess: Framing”

  1. Josh says:

    Funny . . . I had never heard of the term framing before.

    I’m glad you find our content impressive, and I appreciate the comments.

    As for UrbanDigs –> I actually think it is a great blog, but I didn’t want to make a top 100 list. That said, our top 35 list is not connected to Inman’s awards. It is a definite possibility for any future list we put out.