I happened to glance outside my office window a few weeks ago and noticed a water tank being constructed. There are so many on the skyline, I didn’t notice the previous tank that was replaced. The exterior of my window was dirty from a season of snow and rain (and hard to open) so the quality of the photos are weak, but you get the picture.

Water tanks have always been a favorite of mine as evidenced by our collection of them [Miller Samuel]. They are one of my favorite items in the NYC skyline because of the contrast they provide. They are non-descript and primitive looking, and the design has largely gone unchanged since the mid-1800’s.

They contrast with the sleek new buildings that are being developed and are usually hidden behind the design (but still look like these). They are everywhere but one doesn’t get that impression from street level. You’ve got to be up high to appreciate the quantity of water tanks out there.

Here’s a series of interestng articles on their history:

Here’s the 24 hour sequence. I missed a few steps because I didn’t expect progress to go so quickly.


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