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The Joy Of Heavy Lifting: U-Haul From The Closing

Hat tip to Lansner on Real Estate [1] for pointing out U-Haul’s ranking [pdf] [2] of the top 5 highest growth states. The results were compiled from 1.58 million transactions in 2005.

Frankly, I was surprised to see New York and Wisconsin on the list. I was under the impression these states were population neutral or seeing modest declines.

One issue with U-Haul’s study is the demographic this study captures. They are a do-it-yourself mover that provides the equipment and you provide the muscle. [disclaimer – I had a U-Haul metal toy truck as a kid with steerable wheels]

Seems like the flaw here is the stats apply to people who move themselves to these locations. The results contrast those of United Van Lines [3] a few months ago for all but one of the states that U-Haul mentioned (Tennessee was a top inbound state in both surveys).

Nevertheless, its fun stuff and it never ceases to amaze me how companies try to leverage their information into some sort of study.