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[The Housing Helix Ranked #82] Need Help = You’ll Feel Better as a Person, Guaranteed

Ok, not really.

I don’t normally do this (I actually do but not as a post and I am trying to promote some empathy for my efforts so cut me some slack) but I would love to get my Matrix [1] and The Housing Helix [2] readers help get the word out about The Housing Helix podcast [2].

The Housing Helix is now ranked #82 under the category “Investing” in iTunes and I’m actually beating some podcasts offered by Businessweek, Morningstar and MarketWatch – but that’s not good enough.

My podcast is also listed as “New and Notable” in the iTunes store on both the PC and iPhone versions – but that’s not good enough.

All I ask is (gotta a pen?):


I’ll bet you’re feeling better already.