In this podcast I have an engaging conversation with Dawn Doherty, Vice President of Strategic Development for StreetEasy, the real estate search engine that covers New York City, Northern New Jersey and The Hamptons of both sales and rental properties.

If you listen closely, you can actually hear the jackhammers on the street below and our brief foray into electrical engineering. Fun!

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One Response to “[The Housing Helix Podcast] Dawn Doherty, Vice President of Strategic Development, StreetEasy”

  1. Noah says:

    GREAT interview with Dawn!! It really amazes me to see what this team has done with since early 2006. Bar none, they did a great job solving the MLS problem here and took down the NY Times at the same time.

    Now that they took over Manhattan, I cant wait to see what they do next

    Amazing job SE team and keep up the great work!