In Vivian Marino’s Venturing Out on the Deep Blue Sea to Learn More About Land[NYT] she talks about cruise patrons, instead of tossing back Bahama Mamas while observing hairy-chest contests or ice-carving demonstrations poolside with the other passengers, they are ensconced in conference rooms, hearing about Section 1031 exchanges, landlord techniques and residential rehabbing.

I have heard of many specialty cruises, in fact I was momentarily temped by a MacMania Geek Cruise a while back but then I remembered, although I am a Mac nut, I easily get motion sickness and, oh yes, I have a life.

But real estate cruises? Don’t you have to factor in the cost of the cruise to your return?

If you are looking for a sign that the real estate economy is overheated, then this may be it.

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