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Scott Merrell, also known as the Rowayton Cowboy, was arrested Tuesday as he protested his eviction from his home. The city seized the multimillion-dollar home at Wilson Point after Merrell did not pay more than $110,000 in property taxes.

The home was sold at auction more than a year ago because of the tax situation.

Merrell has repeatedly claimed the city overvalued his home and that he should not have to pay.

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There was a lot of coverage in this publicity effort, but if you lose in more than one legal venue, what is the point of all this?

Tax appeals are a growing phenomenon as housing markets decline and municipalities need revenue.

2 Responses to “[Taxing Patience] Rowayton Cowboy Evicted”

  1. Its amazing that the Rowayton Cowboy had stalled this long. Understandably he had some concerns with the valuation of his property and the assessed taxes, but going through the proper tax appeals processes are all you can do. Stalling, such as Merrell did, does nothing but cause you to be unprepared for the inevitable: foreclosure and forced eviction.

  2. Sundance says:

    Ride em Cowboy!!!!