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[In The Media] Manhattan Rental Market on NY1 News 1-11-13

January 11, 2013 | 11:12 am | | TV, Videos |

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Jill Urban of NY1 News came by my office to talk about the state of the New York rental market – she did a great job conveying the state of the market.

The Elliman Report: 12-2012 Manhattan Rentals [Miller Samuel]
The Elliman Report: 12-2012 Manhattan Rentals [Douglas Elliman]

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[In The Media] NY1 With Monica Brown 10-4-12

October 5, 2012 | 9:21 am | Public |

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Had a great conversation with Monica Brown covering the release of the Elliman Report: Manhattan Sales 3Q 2012. She’s NY1’s anchor for Staten Island, Queens and Rockland County.

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[In The Media] NY1 TV Foreign Interest Returns To NYC Real Estate

January 18, 2010 | 7:19 pm | Public |

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Shazia Khan of NY1 does a nice local segment on foreign buyers (no pun intended). You can’t really tell, but due to tripod issues, the video camera is sitting on a pile of my books.

Admittedly, NYC always over hypes participation by foreign buyers (remember stories of Irish carpenters buying Manhattan condos?) but its worth paying attention to.

The dollar remains pretty weak compared to the Euro.

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[In The Media] NY1: 7-10-09

July 10, 2009 | 9:35 pm | Public |

Here’s NY1’s coverage of our 2Q 09 Manhattan Rental Market Overview released yesterday. Jill always does a great job covering real estate topics.

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[In The Media] NY1 6-21-09

June 21, 2009 | 11:49 pm | Public |

List Price Key In Real Estate Slowdown
By: Jill Urban

It’s all about setting the right price in the current market – sellers have more properties to compete with and need to consider all inferior amenities when setting their list price.

Jill called me to do this piece during an unbelievable downpour on Thursday. You really can’t tell I was soaked.

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[Media Chain-Links => Post March Madness] 1Q 2007 Manhattan Market Overview

April 3, 2007 | 7:17 am | | Radio |

My firm released the 1Q 2007 Manhattan Market Overview that we author for Prudential Douglas Elliman today. Its pretty much consumed most of my time for the past week and I am glad it is finally out. The “pretty” version should be online by the end of the day.

Note: I am equally thrilled that I won my March Madness pool last night with a Florida win.

The numbers were released and my summary of their interpretation were provided to the media for the coverage today. The actual data and charts will be available later today as well.

A year ago, I began posting the links to the coverage of each report as they are released to see how each media outlet reports the market using the exact same data. I find it to be an interesting process.

This list of articles is presented basically when I found them. I also include some duplicate news feeds because I like to see what regions are interested in the story – I place those near the bottom because of the repetition. I’ll keep adding links through the end of the week.

The Link List

Market Strong for Apartments in Manhattan [NYT] April 3, 2007
Big Apple’s Housing Market Shines [] April 3, 2007
Manhattan home prices on the rise – again [CNN/Money] April 3, 2007
CITY HIGH RI$E [New York Post] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Apartment Prices Increase at Slower Pace [Bloomberg] April 3, 2007
Wall St dollars help NY buck U.S. housing decline [Reuters] April 3, 2007
Buoyant Manhattan Market Bucks National Housing Trend [New York Sun] April 3, 2007
No bubble in NYC apartment prices [New York Daily News] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Market Report: Sales Soar, Prices Nudge Up [Curbed] April 3, 2007
Residential market in bloom [The Real Deal] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Apartments Keep Selling [Gothamist] April 3, 2007
Manhattan home prices still rising [MSN Money] April 3, 2007
Wall St dollars help NY buck housing decline [Yahoo! News] April 3, 2007
Manhattan’s real estate market stays hot [amNew York] April 3, 2007
Big Apple Bucking National Housing Market Trends [All Headline News] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market Surges in 2007 [Commercial Property News] April 3, 2007
Quarterly Figures Defy Dour Predictions [New York Observer] April 4, 2007

Radio and TV clips

Manhattan Residential Market [Bloomberg TV] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market Surges in 2007 [Dow Jones TV] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market [Bloomberg TV] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market [WABC-TV] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market [WNYW-TV Fox 5] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market [NY 1] April 3, 2007
Manhattan Residential Market [NY 1] April 3, 2007

[Bloomberg Radio] April 4, 2007
[Bloomberg Radio] April 3, 2007

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NYC Subway Marathon: Saving A Seat, Setting A Record

August 23, 2006 | 12:01 am | | Public |

Amy Zimmer wrote about the latest attempt to break the record for riding the entire New York City subway system continuously [Metro].

The 25 hours, 11 minute record was sent in 1998 [Time for Kids] by Michael Falsetta and his friend Salvatore Babones. Michael is a senior executive at our commercial firm, Miller Cicero, LLC.

Falsetta, an executive at a real estate firm, remembers drinking just one liter of water and eating three Power Bars. Babones, a sociology professor at the University of Pittsburgh, said, “We took 10 minutes off and missed a transfer at Jamaica station so that we could use the restrooms there.”

Babones doubted their record would be broken, but his partner said they “would come out of retirement and issue a challenge” if their record fell.

I love the convenience of the NYC subway system – I use it nearly every business day. However, I don’t know if I love it enough to ride for 24 hours straight.

Two Adventurers, One Subway System, and a Challenge to Break a Riding Record [NYT]
Two Commuters Try To Break Record For Traveling Entire Subway [NY1]

The Rise and Fall of the Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee [Gricer]
Subway Challenge on MySpace
Buddies go after subway riding mark [Newsday]
Subway Record Attempt [Fox5]

Straphangers Break Record For Fastest Subway System Record [NY1]

If the mass transit thing doesn’t work out, these guys are destined to be in public relations. They got a lot of coverage.

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