I have been out of the Carnival of Real Estate for quite a while and forgot how interesting it was to get posts from bloggers I wasn’t familiar with, as well as some great posts from long time friends.

I started getting post submissions on Monday and by today I had a lot of reading to do. Although the carnival hosts are expected to post only their favorites, how can I do that? I decided to provide a top ten list and then everyone else. I excluded a few get rich quick posts and those who seemed to be more interested in selling something or extra posts from those who submitted more than one. If I missed any legitimate posts, my sincere apologies.

Matrix Top 10 List

  1. Jay Thompson presents Deceptive Listings in the Phoenix Area posted at The Phoenix Real Estate Guy.
  2. Aaron Dickinson presents Star Tribune Prints the Wrong Story posted at Twin Cities Real Estate Blog.
  3. Howard Arnoff presents Understanding buyer agency posted at Charleston Real Estate Blog.
  4. John presents The Worst of Home Foreclosures Yet to Come posted at Top Real Estate Blog and Tips of Selling Home from Real Estate Guru Who Sells Home Like Crazy.
  5. MyNewPlace presents Green Apartment Construction Hinges on Living Density posted at MyNewPlace Blog.
  6. Tim Anderson presents The Copenhagen Report: The sound of the popping bubble: A bit about psychology and Copenhagen’s housing market posted at The Copenhagen Report.
  7. Dan Green presents Mortgage Video: Why It Matters When Mortgage Guidelines Change (Redux) posted at The Mortgage Reports Blog.
  8. Dan Melson presents San Diego Housing Market March 2008: Heating Back Up posted at Searchlight Crusade.
  9. Kathy Koops presents Why Bother Paying for Owner?s Title Insurance? posted at The Cincy Blog by Kathy Koops.
  10. Cindy Jones presents Northern Virginia Foreclosures-What Don?t You See posted at VA Real Estate Talk.

Here are other posts of note submitted in no particular order but are all a good read:

Thanks to all of those who submitted posts. It was a fun read and I’ll be expanding my blogroll this week. Don’t forget to check out Inman News Blog, next week’s host for the Carnival of Real Estate.

Its now 11pm EST on Sunday. Gotta get some sleep for a busy week ahead. an anticipated FOMC rate drop, plus more shoes to drop (are there any left?), making my March Madness picks and most importantly, someone has to paint that green line on the parade route tomorrow in Manhattan.

UPDATE: In my $2 per share Bear Stearns stupor and flood of emails, I inadvertantly left a great post off the list:

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5 Responses to “[St Patrick’s Day’ March Madness] Like A Carnival Of Real Estate”

  1. […] is up at the Matrix. Lots of good posts, including Howard’s explaining Buyer […]

  2. Jonathan, thanks for selecting my post. And now it’s time for a little green beer and our bracket selections.

  3. […] Matrix celebrates the fact that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! In order to celebrate the 82nd edition of the Carnival of Real Estate, the Matrix posts his Top 10 […]

  4. […] Matrix celebrates the fact that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! In order to celebrate the 82nd edition of the Carnival of Real Estate, Jonathan Miller of the […]

  5. Jay Thompson says:

    Thanks for hosting Jonathan! (and thanks for the nod).

    Bear Sterns — wow. $171/share in January 07. Two bucks today. Hope the investors that bought last Jan. are staying away from high buildings…

    Now I’m off to study bracketology.