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[Sounding Bored] Outsourcing Competence Out

Sounding Bored is my semi-regular column on the state of the appraisal profession. This week I received an opportunity to spend $5 per report to have someone else fill out our reports.

Well, I am not considering outsourcing in our appraisal practice but the state of our profession has fallen to such a low, that the use of this service by some appraisers would not have an adverse impact on the quality provided (in other words, it can’t get any worse). The inference here, or at least the way I take it is, that appraising is simply picking 3 similar sales, and then sending them to India to insert them in the form.

Wouldn’t the appraiser have to insert the sales into the form anyway to understand how each sale compares to the subject?

Here’s the email I got today:

Hello Mr. Miller,

How are you & how is appraisal business doing.

My name is Sandeep, from New Delhi, India.
I got your contact from Google search.

This is in regards to the data entry support in respect to following:-

1) Appraisal Report Data Entry -Filling out subject & comps data using your Field Inspection Data & MLS Listings pulled.
2) Entering your orders into systems as etrac & Xsite.
3) Helping you promoting your business by maintaining Lenders Database & emailing lenders on regular basis.
4) Any other specific data assistance.

You can contact at [email protected] anytime for more information on above. I would love to answer any queries. Your time with this matter is much appreciated.

Looking forward to talk to you,
[email protected]
(The Support is available for an expense as low as $50 a month)

In other words, this type of service is really for “form-fillers” to boost efficiency and has nothing to do those few souls who actually perform an appraisal. The forms that are filled out must be so generic that they provide no useful information to base lending decisions on collateral. But then again, not many wholesale lenders have cared about the report content to date except for the “number” and how fast the report is turned around. What difference will outsourcing make to that caliber of client?

Hint: None.