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[Solid Masonry] Is It Okay To Blame Everyone? Because It Seems We’re All To Blame

John Philip Mason is a residential appraiser with more than 20 years experience and covers the Hudson Valley region of New York. He’s a good friend and a true professional who believes that all appraisers need to have a macro-economic perspective in order to be effective. This week, he blames us all (except me of course) in Solid Masonry. …Jonathan Miller

It seems almost everyone has an opinion as to why the real estate market isn’t doing well these days. Not unlike the stock market boom of the late 1990’s, many folks enjoy talking about the latest investment craze. Naturally, as people tend to focus more time and energy on a subject, many come to think of themselves as quasi-experts. Not that their opinions aren’t valid, but when I question the actions of say, the Federal Reserve, I must in all honesty admit that I’m full of myself. While many differ as to why the real estate market has cooled off, there seems to be a general consensus as to the source. Well, sort of. Someone is to blame for this mess. It’s as though a single person or group is the culprit. Never mind how mammoth the real estate industry is, if we are to believe the critics, it is apparently vulnerable to the actions of a few. Some of the favorite victims of the blame game include:

Certainly there is at least a little truth in many of the accusations thrown around. But the reality is, the status of today’s real estate market is a collaboration of the actions of many, individually and collectively, for better or worse. So is it okay to blame everyone? Because it seems we’re all to blame.