Ok, I admit it. I am slowly getting sucked into social networking. I am evolving from the experimentation stage to the exploration stage. I am now ready for the productivity stage.

My usual go to sites for Social Networking these days are all over the map.

  • Twitter – a good place to see a steady stream of consciousness and an occasional cool link.
  • Facebook – my first step into SN. Beyong playing Scrabulous and Oregon Trail with friends and strangers, I am not the originator of much communication through this medium.
  • LinkedIn – a business Facebook with the centerpiece around my resume.
  • Inman – a huge resource and a great way to stay in touch with people in the industry.
  • Trulia Voices – I get a steady stream of questions and answers (including mine) that pertain to topics I am interested in. The alternative to blogging by real estate agents.

I have tried a few others but these have been the sites that have peaked my interest.

Now a new social network site called MyDealBook has entered the fray, leveraging the 300,000 register users of Property Shark, one of the best real estate data resources out there. Ryan Slack, the CEO of MyDealBook called and gave me an overview of the concept.

The “deal” is the centerpiece of the conversation and links to the deal build the credibility of the originator of the deal, hopefully to entice clients to consider using them. It is a very cool concept and perfect for those in real estate.

MyDealBook is a social network. It is a place where real estate professionals, investors, developers and service providers such as architects, contractors, appraisers and attorneys can maximize their professional opportunities.

2 Responses to “Social Networking For Real Estate Deals”

  1. Jonathon, nice site and great recommendation on MyDealBook. As a physician turned real estate market researcher I’ve been slow to adopt productive use of social networking sites, but this indeed looks to one “for the big kids” in real estate. Good call.

  2. Michelle says:

    There seems to be a new social networking site cropping up everyday. It’s hard to keep track of them all. I may check it out though anyways 🙂