Joe and Rudy of Sellsius are at it again. Perhaps two of the nicest and idea-laden futurists of the blogosphere, are riding across the US from NYC to San Francisco’s Blogger Connect Conference on July 31st. RV’ing across America is on my childhood wish list. I had long ago looked at options at Cruise America to load up the kids and see America in one of the biggest RV’s I could get my hands. The journey is the reward as someone once said.

I have already checked skydiving and eating a dozen jalapeno peppers in one sitting off the list, so why not this? Well, reality settled in, and I have to tone it down a bit and join them for just one day and then meet up with them at Blogger Connect. Taking an RV into Manhattan is going to be interesting, to say the least.

One other thing I wanted to mention about Joe and Rudy: I was grossly negligent about not posting their Sellsius launch last month. Its been a labor of love for them over the past year and a half. I got sidetracked, self-absorbed and well, you know how that works.

Sellsius has created an alternative to the Craigslist bemoth. A real estate community. By virtue of its nominal membership fee, will provide access to listings and services and weed out the superfluous.

Sellsius. Check it out. Sign up.

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