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Real Estate: Extreme Interest Fosters Extreme Language

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Do you ever get the feeling that everything you read about the housing market is either optimistic [1] or pessimistic [2]?

In other words, if you find yourself devouring articles about the current real estate market, do you find yourself confused by alot of their conclusions?

I certainly do. One of the problems is the evolving language of real estate. No, not old-fashioned brokerspeak, but the language of real estate economics, which has been morphing into the cliche feel-good phrases many despise.

In Stephanie Rosenbloom’s fun article The Power of Words [NYT] [3] she explores the erosion of real estate language (with a little help from me – especially since I am guilty of having used the word “pause” on occasion but never, ever “grand.”)

“[Buzzwords] are especially prevalent in New York, where residents routinely say that real estate is a topic second only to sex. And where there is extreme interest, there tends to be extreme language.”