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Do you ever get the feeling that everything you read about the housing market is either optimistic or pessimistic?

In other words, if you find yourself devouring articles about the current real estate market, do you find yourself confused by alot of their conclusions?

I certainly do. One of the problems is the evolving language of real estate. No, not old-fashioned brokerspeak, but the language of real estate economics, which has been morphing into the cliche feel-good phrases many despise.

In Stephanie Rosenbloom’s fun article The Power of Words [NYT] she explores the erosion of real estate language (with a little help from me – especially since I am guilty of having used the word “pause” on occasion but never, ever “grand.”)

“[Buzzwords] are especially prevalent in New York, where residents routinely say that real estate is a topic second only to sex. And where there is extreme interest, there tends to be extreme language.”

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