Blogging Systems released their real estate blog ranking site called PubSub a few weeks ago. A hat tip to RealCentralVA for clueing me in.

This methodology focuses on in and out links, volume of posts and feed depth. Of course the sheer traffic of some of the sites leave them woefully undercounted and gives the wrong impression of the site’s weight in the Blogosphere. I think consideration to traffic needs to be an important component to a ranking while at the same time looking at the number of links and the weight of the links.

Actually, I don’t want to overshadow the very cool subscription feature.

I always try to look (actually, be completely blinded) by the bright side when it comes to my blog stats. As of May 30th, both of my sites were ranked in the top 20. Matrix was ranked 9th overall and Soapbox was 16th but may change day to day.

I prefer not to understand any more than that, for fear of lowering or questioning my rankings. I need to save energy for my other posts.

3 Responses to “Real Estate Blog Rankings May Rankle A Bit”

  1. jf says:

    With the popularity of blogs comes ranking & relevancy, not necessarily correlated. The newly launched claims that overweighting incoming links alone is not an accurate measure of the relevancy of a blog’s posts.

    Many blogs, especailly newbies, will link to the A-listers as a matter of course, skewing things even more.’s search systems looks more at content, frequency of posts and other criteria is it’s ranking system.

    For more info and directions to a podcast by Sphere’s creators discussing it’s underlying philosophy & methodology see

  2. Steven Cohen says:

    Thanks for the mention. Some folk just aren’t interested in rankings, and that’s fine. For those that are, our lists work well in that it’s not just about inlinks. Of course, it has to be more than that. Unfortunately, if we reveal how our ranking works, spammers will try to spoil the fun. Of course, Google doesn’t reveal how they rank sites, right? Why would they?

    So, try to look at these lists as more than a ranking of blogs. It’s a very comprehensive list, edited by your colleagues in the blogging community, which is of value. Also, you can create subscriptions which will query only those blogs within the list. As the number of blogs/feeds increase, quality control and relevancy will continue ot be an issue.

    A search on the lists help that.

    Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

    Steven Cohen PubSub Concepts, Inc [email protected]

  3. Amy Kitts says:

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