About 6 months ago, I first noticed one of these signs in my home town.

But they multiplied and soon they were everywhere. I was at a party a few months ago and met Alexis Palmer, the advertising guru at Curbed who asked me if I had noticed these signs as well. I did and meant to take a picture.

Well today I finally got around to it.

What would possess someone to call the number to get into real estate investment (excluding crank calls)? The casual style suggests someone just hand wrote the sign because either they were too busy investing or because its some sort of soft sell approach (until you see them on every block).

I noticed on WFAN, an AM radio station in New York, that every other commercial is “How to get rich in real estate”, “How to buy a foreclosed house for $99 per month” and others, hawking free books and seminars on the subject.

The FTC processes public relations incentived complaints about Zillow and yet this radio stuff goes unchecked. Should public advertising and radio commercials have different regulatory standards than the Internet?

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2 Responses to “Reading The Signs: Casual Fonts To Hook The Naive”

  1. Doug Quance says:

    I always get a chuckle when I see signs like that – or the ones that say “Make $3000/mo P/T – $8000/mo F/T”.

    You’d think if they were so successful, they could afford to have professionally-made signs.

    The best one, however, is the sign on the rolling junker that says “We buy houses”. Yeah, right… you can’t afford four tires that match, but you can buy a house for cash… 🙄

  2. Melissa says:

    We see signs, just like the one shown above, all over the Ocala area… and yes, we are also seeing the “We Buy Ugly Houses” ads as well. Just hold on to your britches, the next year should bring us more comedy in Real Estate!