It’s been a while since I linked out to bloggers whom I follow and admire. A large scale hat tip, so to speak. I also throw in news items and other tidbits that make me want to curl my cap.

This week’s theme: Change we can sort of believe in.

Political Fear and Loathing on Wall Street [XBroker]

The Option ARM Non-Bomb? [Infectious Greed]

From TARP to BARF [Curious Capitalist]

FDIC coupons [WallStreetJackass]

Love, Jobs & 401(k)s [NYT]

When couples split, the home is a hot potato [Miami Herald]

Failing Home Economics [NYT]

Word A Day: exurb [A.Word.A.Day]

Just doing my job [Seth’s Blog]

Rich Cut Back on Payments to Mistresses [Wealth Report]

Yuppie insurance [Free Exchange]

They Are Still Selling This Stuff? [Blown Mortgage]


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