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Miller Samuel in the News

12/13/2016 The Lo-Down

Condos Listed For $23 Million, $13 Million Snapped Up on the Lower East Side

12/13/2016 Wall Street Journal

Multimillion-Dollar Penthouses Sell in New York’s Lower East Side

12/10/2016 Newstimes

The world’s tallest luxury building can’t get its superrich buyers to pay full price

12/09/2016 Brick Underground

Concessions are so crazy that landlords may (finally) have to start lowering rents

12/09/2016 Salt Lake Tribune

Incentives prop up the market in Manhattan

12/09/2016 China Daily

At NYC’s tallest luxury-condo tower, discounts come in millions

12/08/2016 Chicago Tribune

Manhattan apartment landlords prop up market with incentives

12/08/2016 Business Insider

Manhattan’s apartment landlords prop up market with incentives

12/08/2016 Bloomberg

Manhattan Apartment Landlords Prop Up Market With Incentives

12/08/2016 Curbed New York

NYC renters can’t catch a break despite more move-in incentives than ever

12/08/2016 DNA INFO

Record Number of Deals Offer Free Rent to Woo Tenants in NYC, Studies Say

12/08/2016 The Real Deal

One in four Manhattan resi leases included concessions in Nov.

Showing 1 - 12 of 8291