Predatory lending has run largely unchecked. Here’s one of the best articles I have seen written on the topic….Wolves in Small Print


Buyers aren’t the only ones screaming. Nationally and in Fort Worth, some of those working in the real estate and mortgage business are also coming forward to charge that the real estate lending business is fraught with fraud. Those professionals say that appraisals are being inflated to buoy up higher housing prices, bigger loans, and higher fees for the industry. First-time home buyers without down payments and with poor credit histories are being pushed through the mill, critics say, and come out the other side with loans they have little chance of repaying. That in turn is pushing foreclosure rates to alarmingly high levels.

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3 Responses to “Predatory Lending Results From Overzealous Efforts To Increase Homeownership”

  1. Ashish Shah says:

    Predatory Lending in New York. Now that’s an oxymoron.

  2. Ashish Shah says:

    I think predatory lending is a more serious issue in poor and urban neighborhoods. The main reason being that the established banks do not care to offer banking services in these places. The consequences are criminals who take advantage of poor uneducated folks. I think its a criminal offense and the offenders deserve severe punishment.

  3. Ashish Shah says:

    Education the public on intelligent borrowing is key, especially, in areas where predatory lending is high.