Comstock Partners, Inc. issued a special report that lays out the disconnect between economic fundamentals as they relate to housing quite clearly:

Median New Home Prices vs Median Household Disposable Income [open chart]

Home Price Appreciation vs CPI – Rent [open chart]

Very cool!

2 Responses to “[Pictures Actually Tell 4 Words] Prices, Rents, Income, Appreciation”

  1. Madame X says:

    These are fascinating charts! I don’t quite understand, though, how the first two lines for median income and median home price can be so similar in shape, but then the ratio between them varies so widely… the top ones are log scale and the other isn’t… but I still don’t get it!

  2. Hi Madame X! The scale of the new home price chart is much, much steeper than the income chart – take a look at the y-axis. Beyond, that, it’s all rocket science. 😉