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Panic, Confidence and Roving Gangs of Golfers

This week I talk about my new gig at WOR AM710 as a co-host of a show called Eye on Real Estate [1] with myself, Dottie Herman and Jeff Appel live from 10am to 12 noon on Saturdays.

Think roving gangs of grown men carrying golf clubs (on Wall Street). Well, not really.

I dabble on Social Networking [2], Panic [3], TARP [4] and higher mortgage costs [5].

Plus the new new development marketing pitch to thwart Fannie Mae and my worry about the Fall market (no pun intended).

UPDATE: In Tuesday’s NYT, Andrew Ross Sorkin’s article Bank Profits Appear Out of Thin Air [6] addresses the very same issues I discussed in the podcast – that lenders seem to be performing balance sheet gymnastics.