In today’s Soapbox I marvel at the 25th anniversary of the HP12c [Soapbox].

3 Responses to “Outstanding On Our Soapbox: A Badge Of Honor: My HP 12c And Reverse Polish Notation”

  1. Robert Schwartz says:

    Mine is only 23 years old. I love it.

  2. Laura says:

    Welcome to the Museum of Pocket Calculators

  3. pcampbell says:

    Bought mine the day I did my first inspection in West Palm Beach, Florida, Fall of 1985. I have left in on the Long Island RR, the steps of a Manhattan townhouse, 3 coffee shops, several inspections, brokers offices, most recently my boss’ desk (she had it for a week before she saw the PC on the back) and more. It keeps showing up and until it don’t I know I am A-OK 🙂