It’s been more than a week and I must say I am hooked watching the Olympics. I diligently watched them during my vacation (which included riding dune buggies along Lake Michigan) so I am a little woozy.

Speaking of woozy, I was glad to see President Bush placed clean boating on par with the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.

And better yet…

Matrix is 3 years old
Today it occurred to me that it has been 3 years this month (actually since August 1, 2005) since I began to write here. My first post was about appraisal pressure and my radio interview on National Public Radio, including sound effects. In speaking about this issue in the public domain back then, I felt like I was talking to a wall – not many understood or cared.

Matrix enabled me get the word out from my little corner of the world.

1658 posts later, it remains a labor of love, content subject to my moods and time. I have always seen it as thinking out loud and appreciate the public and private insights from those who read it. More to come. A lot of exciting things on my agenda this year.

…thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “[Olympic Matrix] Landing A Triple Summer Flip”

  1. Yes… China just rocks. They give one million usd for gold though. And.. it is big advatage for people according to Chinise medium salary shich is 120 usd per month and more than that: some people work for 50 usd per month. I crossed my fingers for the UK and South Korea (i am in SK now)

  2. Edd C Gillespie says:

    Welcome back. During my Olympic watch I also kept track of your absence.
    Appears AP is only a little slow on picking up on your complaint, but better late than never.

    Now the question is, so what? The North Carolinians have made the observation that the regulators and government simply do not enforce the regulations we have that were designed, at least theoretically, to head off exactly what happened. How much longer will it take before we realize that the Keynes model of economic health that assumes consumer confidence = consumer spending and places no emphasis on consumer savings is not worth a flip. Also it may be that the lenders have access to government and regulators that results in neutralizing good sense.

  3. True – a combination of regulations and economic incentives. Simply adding more laws doesn’t cut it. If a participant has no skin in the game (as a self-proclaimed AH on wall street has told me over and over again), the reward to risk ratio gets out of wack.

  4. Congratulations on three years, it’s a great achievement. You always have skin in the game when it comes to the Olympics here in the states because businesses ultimately pay athletes for endorsements – I bet Michael Phelps soon to be payday was an incentive every time he didn’t feel like swimminga nother lap in practice.

  5. L'Emmerdeur says:


  6. jf.sellsius says:

    One of the best Olympics ever defined for me by Phelps and Bolt. Congrats on 3 years– you got yourself a book Jon.