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Namesakes For Names Sake

I suspect that many of us have been told by a relative, there’s only one of you.

Peter Coy, a sharp writer for Businessweek who covers the economy and the housing market and contributes regularly to their Hot Property blog posted Peter Coy, Reporter, Interviews Pete Coy, Real Estate Agent [1] about his namesakes and how he keeps in touch with them. He says:

sharing a name with someone is an odd but very real bond.

One of Peter’s namesakes happens to be in a related field which makes it even more interesting.

I have had a similar experience with a few of my namesakes in New York and have thrown in a few more that have come up in conversation. I know my last name is very common but I was quite sure I was one of the few “Jonathan Millers”, until I moved to Manhattan in the mid-1980’s.

There are actually several more, but whats the point? I am not really sure, but for such a large metropolitan city where individuals can live anonymously if they choose, I sure keep bumping into my namesakes. I guess thats what so cool about New York, however, I’d still like to think there is only one of me. 😉

Ok, back to business.