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[Mob Mentality] Appraisers Aren’t THAT Organized

I always thought “The Appraiser” was a good name for a reality tv show. Unfortunately, the reality is real and the appraisal process is one of those accidents waiting to happen.

There is a tongue in cheek style article by Sheree Curry in the recently ramped up HousingWatch page on AOL

Are Appraisals the New Organized Crime? [1]

that essentially takes some of the burden off of other parties in the real estate transaction such as mortgage brokers, and places it on the shoulders of appraisers. In many cases, rightfully so.

Of course this doesn’t apply to all appraisers and in fact many appraisers aren’t really…appraisers. More like form fillers.

And some are appraisers are going to have their day in court [2] – but not enough of them.

Here’s a related article I authored for American Banker last summer called:

Then Don’t Call It An Appraisal [3].

Hey, you got a problem with that?