Our commercial advisory firm just released its New York City Income Property Market Report for the first half of 2008 for Massey Knakal. My commercial valuation partner John Cicero prepares the report. It’s the only report of its kind that covers the New York City commercial market.

Here’s an excerpt:

Though underwriting may be more conservative, the decline in sales volume is a function of lack of inventory rather than lack of demand. The underlying rental market remains strong and investors continue to be interested in such property but supply is constrained. The consolidated median price per square foot across markets declined to $222, down 5% from the prior six month period. Similarly, the median cap rate (across all sectors) inched up slightly to 5.8% from 5.5% from the prior period while the median GIM slipped from 12.4 to 11.5…

Massey Knakal will distribute over 300,000 hard copies of the report over the next few months.

Massey Knakal New York City Income Property Market Report [1H08]

Report Methodology [Miller Cicero]

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2 Responses to “[Miller Cicero] New York City Income Property Market Report First Half 2008 Is Available For Download”

  1. Jim Tracy says:

    Any idea why supply is constrained? That’s kind of counterintuitive.

  2. John Cicero says:

    I think that many owners don’t want to pull their money out of real estate that’s generating good cash flow, particularly given how alternate investments are performing right now.