Jeff Appel and Cathy Hobbs have launched their real estate show MetroResidential TV this summer and I wish them well with the venture. It airs on Sunday mornings in the NYC region at 9am on WPIX-TV. I’ve known Jeff for years through his mortgage brokerage work and public speaking. I’ve also known Cathy for years as an emmy winning reporter for WPIX.

In this clip, Jeff touches on the appraisal process from the seller’s perspective and I provide a few common sense points for sellers.

Watch the clip (short commercial first).

Its funny but when they zoom in on an appraisal report while introducing me, they show one of my competitor’s names on the top of the report form. 😉

This clip originally aired on July 16th, I believe and is being re-broadcast this Sunday.

My favorite is number 3.

Appraisers get tired of sellers and agents in their personal space during the inspection, peering over our clipboard and pointing out (obvious) things like “this is the kitchen”, “this is the bathroom”, etc.

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