The 3Q 2006 Manhattan Market Overview that my appraisal firm, Miller Samuel, authors for Prudential Douglas Elliman, was released for publication today. The raw numbers were released and a summary of their interpretation were provided to the media. The pretty report will be available for download later this week or early next week. I wait until the end of the quarter before I start working on it so there is not enough time to get it together before publication of the results. This quarter ended last Saturday so it made for a long weekend.

The actual data and charts will be available soon. The actual report pdf will be available next week.

For perspective, every quarter I place links to articles about the report for a few days after publication to make it easy to compare how each media outlet (big and small media, blogs) presents the exact same set of data.

This article list is presented in no particular order, basically when I found them. I include some duplicate news feeds because I like to see what regions are interested in the story.

Manhattan real estate finally starts to cool [CNN/Money]
Buying in Manhattan? Apartment Prices Steady [New York Times]
Manhattan apartment prices slip in latest quarter [New York Daily News]
Manhattan apartments selling slower [Newsday]
Manhattan apartment market seen in soft landing [Reuters]
Manhattan Co-Op Apartment Prices Dip 16% as Buyers Favor Condos [Bloomberg (no link yet)]
Manhattan Housing Stays Stable []
Manhattan apartment prices leap despite sales drop [Reuters]
Jonathan Miller On Summer ’06: New York Realty Isn’t So Bad [NYO The Real Estate]
Prices down, sales up in Manhattan housing market; co-op prices slump [The Real Deal]
As Dow Hits Record High, Homes Falter [NY Sun]
Manhattan real estate market slows down [Inman]
DownMarket Reports: Choose Your Own Adventure! [Curbed]
Sector Snap: Manhattan Apartment REITs [AP] Highlights from the Prudential Douglas Elliman Third Quarter Overview [True Gotham]
Manhattan residential real estate market cools [Valuation Review]

Here are a handful of tv spots as well.


[Bloomberg TV]




6 Responses to “[Media Chain-Links, Fenced In] 3Q 2006 Manhattan Market Overview”

  1. dagan says:

    Jonathan, When are you updating your ‘by zip code’ numbers on the new york times website? These are very helpful, giving one the ability to search by zip code AND BR’s / FT2. Please update them when possible.

  2. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Thanks – I suspect it will be updated on the site by tomorrow.

  3. frank says:

    So whats it going to be. Are owners going to blink first or buyers. Will it be a soft landing,or will prices continue to decline gradually over a long period of time?

    I have a question for every owner trying to sell their apt in manhattan. Can they afford to buy their apt today for the price they are asking. Do they have the cash available for the down payment, do they have have the income necessary to service the mortgage debt. I bet the ansewer to this question by most sellers would be no. So what makes them believe that someone else out there can?

  4. John K says:

    Wait, aren’t things going according to plan?

    I haven’t read any of the articles, yet, but from the clip on The Real Deal’s website, it sounds as though inventory is constant, sales stayed constant, and prices dropped.

    So, in order to keep buyers buying, sellers lowered their prices.


    Win-win situation!

    Unlike here in Boston, where prices have barely budged, downward, so buyers remain on the sidelines.

  5. Mew Kappa says:

    Mr. Miller: The data that you report in your quarterly reports – they are the combined data of your firm and that of Douglas Elliman, correct? For example, in Q2 I get total value of property changing hands in Manhattan of $2.7 billion. Is there a source you can point me to in getting the total dollar value across all firms?

  6. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    No thats not correct – its market wide but only whats available right at the end of the quarter.