As some of you might have noticed, I have been largely absent from posting much of anything this week (as much as I tried). Apparently, there isn’t enough time in the day, let alone time to stand in line from midnight to 10am to get the new Wii game console (for my kids, of course [wink]).

…And lets bring out the Holiday Hawk while we are at it!

UPDATE: An added bonus: Carol of the Fippers from Flipper Nation.

Its been a really interesting year for real estate and 2007 already promises to be more complex.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you bright and early on Tuesday, January 2, 2007.

Happy Holidays!

Jonathan Miller

6 Responses to “Matrix Brings Out The Holiday Hawk: Back On January 2, 2007 – Happy Holidays!”

  1. Thanks for the excellent posts in 2006! I think your readers will forgive you if you take a holiday, but we do expect excellent posts in 2007

  2. John K says:

    All the best, Jonathan. Thanks for all the posts. I’ve learned so much from your posts here, and from your graphs on (naysayers, be damned!).

    Looking forward to a great 2007.

    Will we see you at Inman NYC?


  3. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Thanks John – I will be moderating a valuation panel on Tuesday at Inman:

    The feeling is mutual – you provide some great insight plus you are not afraid to jump in and stick up for me when the anons on Curbed get cranky. Looking forward to meeting you!

  4. UrbanDigs says:

    Thanks for the great 2006 Jonathan! Looking forward to another great year of Matrix reading!!

    Happy Holidays and enjoy your time off.

    See you at Inman!!

  5. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Likewise Noah!

  6. Charl says:

    Happy Holidays

    Real Estate in South Africa

    Excellent Post in 2006