A recent article by columnist Chet Courier at Bloomberg News asks the question: Is now a good time? Like the stock market, there are people who are convinced that the market is at the top and its now time to sell. Mr. Courier provides a lot of common sense for that question, “Is now a good time to sell?”

Media coverage has been full of get-rich quick stories and seemingly no-lose scenarios.

Yet the costs associated with selling are high and the transaction can be complex. Simply put, real estate is a lot less liquid than stocks. There are a lot of stories and assumptions made about market timers, those that have made fortunes selling at the right moment, but much of that is overblown or exagerated.

Likewise, homeowners could tie themselves in knots trying to decide when the absolute top of the market for their properties will be seen. The best time to sell, or buy, a house may be whenever you are ready to move.

One Response to “Market Timers Beware: There Is No Wrong Time To Move”

  1. Its correct that there is no right or wrong time to sell or buy a house because only speculations are made about the best time. So, whenever you want to sell or buy a house “just do it” Don’t wait for the right time.