Absorption defined for the purposes of this chart as: Number of months to sell all listing inventory at the annualized pace of sales activity.

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The absorption rate continues to improve from a bottom up, approaching the 10-year 10.0 month average for all three market areas (the data set is too thin for a reliable trend for Uptown).


The East Side absorption rate slows considerably above $1.5M. Co-ops are considerably slower than condos above that threshold. Condos generally absorb faster than co-ops.

The West Side absorption rate has reduced in higher price segments, up to $3M. Co-ops generally absorb faster than condos below $3M but take much longer than condos above the threshold.

The Downtown market absorption rate has reduced in higher price segments, up to $3M. Co-ops and condos are consistent below the threshold but co-ops absorb considerably slower above the threshold.

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Note: This chart series does not include shadow inventory (properties ready for market but not yet listed for sale) so it understates condo absorption.


One Response to “[Manhattan Absorption] Price Threshold For Balanced Absorption Continues To Rise”

  1. The Westside chart up to the $5M-9M bar seems to be marching in opposite step to the East side. What is the thinking behind this? Too many new condos? Too many problem buildings? Or is the West side just classic co-op country?