Well it finally happened. Thanks to Brokerate, a new site by the creator of Brownstoner, there is finally a way to rate real estate brokers. Its kinda the same concept as providing a comment to a blog post with each broker representing a separate post.

It is a real community effort because it relies on mainly anonymous submissions and are they ever intense. Within every community there are those who use this as a tool to “get even.” From the buzz within the real estate community, I get the impression it will be heavily trafficked by real estate brokers who seek to provide first-hand experiences of their interaction with a particular broker.

While I suspect the amount of flames will be significant, I suspect that this will evolved into a significant tool for consumers looking for a real estate broker as well as a monitoring tool that uses peer pressure to keep morally flexible brokers on their best behavior.

Truly a neat concept.


One Response to “Love Thy Neighbor (and/or Broker)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A neat concept yes, reliable – no. Either Brownstoner has a few favorite brokers he wants to give a boost to or Brownstoner is a complete naive person (doubtful) in thinking more than 10% (and that’s generous) of sellers or buyers are posting here. It’s all broker/salesperson selves, friends, lovies, etc. It might work for less than the $1mil mark, but come on, people who spend more than that have other things to take their time so they can pay for the property. However much you hate them do you really think Shvo and Dolly Lenz’ customers give a crap about this? Get a grip – it’s just another broker vanity BS vehicle that brokers show sellers when giving a pitch.