Periodically I purge some links I collect that are worthy of a post or were interesting or fun, but I didn’t have enough time to expound upon and too much time had passed by. Since I didn’t want them to let them be forgotten, I pulled them out of the tank – definitely worth checking out.

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3 Responses to “[List-o-links] From The Tank: Tools, Lessons And Messages”

  1. What makes a real estate market “bubble proof”? They could never have a natural disaster? Epidemic? layoffs?

  2. Toni Scott says:

    OMG you are the best Jonathan! the stories re Paulson are amazing i just wish they were on the front page of the NY times. everyone should know about this stuff!!!

  3. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Thanks Toni! My personal favorite in the Tank this week was the link to the purchase decision maing tool. 😉