For the next two days, my posts will be a bit sporadic. I am in San Francisco for business. Its one of my favorite places. The weather is perfect but I am desperately trying to stay on New York time. Its hard to get up at 3:30 am PST, no matter how you try to convince yourself.

Here’s a few links that may be of interest.

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One Response to “[List-o-links] At The Golden Gate: I Left My Heart In New York”

  1. mapgirl says:

    Nice clip of the F-line trolley. I used to ride that to work every day. It’s San Francisco and Philly embodied in one single trolley car. Most of the cars used in SF were purchased from SEPTA in Philly for refurbishment. I used to ride the Philly trolley as a kid.

    Have fun and good luck sticking to NYC time. Waking up in the pitch dark is really hard to do.