After consuming a 7 ounce steak during at a celebratory dinner with my wife on our 24th wedding anniversary, I was inspired to bring back this Subprime post series (I know, I lead a pretty pathetic life). Subprime, as a topic, has come back strong in recent weeks. Once rationalized just to be the smoking gun, its now clearly more than that.

And that steak was great…

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One Response to “[List-o-links] 1-27-08 Subprime Cuts: Pets At Risk, Concedes Failures, Presidential, Greenspan”

  1. Freddie says:

    Thanks for the post. Seems the suffering from the subprime debacle continues. Though more people are paying attention now, seems a case of too little too late in a lot of cases.

    Sounds like that steak wasn’t subprime. 🙂