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Lame Blame Game of Shame = Bad Weather

I am always fascinated by the spectre of blame that fills the commentary of the housing market, from insane commenters on Curbed [1], to mainstream media sound bites. Last fall, before the outbreak of subprime fever, I had noticed the beginning of the transition from housing bubbles to mortgages. [2]

Daniel Gross in his always interesting Moneybox column on Slate writes about the widespread blame on the housing market for our nation’s woes in The Real Estate Blame Game: the unlikeliest victims of the housing slump. [3]

Here’s a summary of the problems caused by a weak housing market:

But we all know that the weather is the cause of all of housing woes [4] so we can safely say that pickup truck sales, railroads and boat retailers, especially those who are exported to Latin America, are severely impacted when the snow on the ski trails in Utah, feel as light as champagne.