I had a “fantastic” conversation with Dr. Bill Rayburn who is the co-founder, Chairman & CEO of FNC, Inc. Their value proposition has been on collateral side of mortgage origination. He’s a fascinating industry leader who pulls no punches.


3 Responses to “[Interview] Bill Rayburn PHD, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, FNC”

  1. Joe says:

    This was a fascinating interview and sure to be a HousingHelix classic. The FNC story and discussion on where we’ve been and likely headed as told in Dr. Rayburn’s straight from the hip style, made for an outstanding interview. I for one gained some key insights which I will definitely reflect upon as I navigate this market cycle. I hope Dr. Rayburn is a regular guest!


  2. Chuck says:

    The question isn’t “Are lenders building AVMs” we know they’re not in that business and aren’t selling/promoting AVMs. But FNC is in the AVM business so the question is “Does FNC build and sell AVMs and do they use data from appraisal reports sent through Appraisalport?” Rayburn, as always, deflected. But he does admit FNC opens and pull’s (captures) the data (because he believes the lender “owns” the data) because there’s a “ton” of data in the 1004 form.

  3. Katherine says:

    You apparently forgot to add the part about how FNC strip appraisal reports of their data without the appraisers permission, uses that data to populate the databases that he turns around and sells back to the lenders. You may also want to mention how he charges appraisers to extract their data. Wow, what a stand up guy.