Barry Ritholtz of Fusion IQ, the The Big Picture blog and author of the must-read Bailout Nation had previously sat down with me last June so I was long overdue in inviting him back.

He is a terrific speaker and is always guilty of providing nothing less than clear cut commentary on the economic world around us. Plus he likes it when I call him irreverent.

This time we talk strategic non-foreclosure, existing home sales, interest rates, going to zero and the dumbest smart people in the room.

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6 Responses to “[Interview] Barry Ritholtz, Bailout Nation, Fusion IQ, The Big Picture Blog”

  1. Thanks Jonathan —

    That was fun!

  2. Reinko says:

    I liked the ‘home-oh-ers’ joke…

    They are no longer home owners but home-oh-ers. (And I did not hear of the ‘strategic non foreclosure’ before by the way.)

  3. Fu says:

    I don’t understand Barry Ritholtz repeatedly classifying the stock market crash as an “Armageddon Trade”, “End of the world is coming trade”, etc. Even on March 6th, valuations didn’t get to historically cheap levels!

  4. Aidan Bird says:

    A pleasure to hear the info flow with mellow jest. I imagine the complexity and rigor that both Jonathan and Barry internalize is way beyond me, and yet I feel that what they talk about I understand and I am in heartfelt agreement with.

    What you said, …because I just can see it all around me, intuitive observation. It is nice to have a confirmation.

  5. Bob Anders says:

    Mr. Ritholtz is one of few people that I will stop what I am doing and listen to his comments. I love his no BS approach that pulls no punches.

  6. What happened with the edit of Barry’s comment that Paulson’s plan smacked of panic? Granted panic was running high at that time, but hearing Barry’s thoughts ‘cut’ makes me think there’s even more there than we thought! Kidding (though I’m dying to hear what he said 🙂 ).

    Always good stuff. Thanks!