I thought I wouldn’t make it there:

Here’s a glass is half empty whining, seeking empathy recap:

  • Drove to JFK, pouring so hard traffic would periodically come to a stop on the expressway
  • JetBlue flight was packed, with warm air blowing like a convection oven at about the halfway mark
  • Two kids, about 3 and 4 years old, screaming, fighting and crying for 6 hours directly behind me, parents oblivious or helpless
  • Two people next to me became fast friends, speaking so loud for 6 hours straight, I couldn’t tune them out with my iPod. I now know their mortgages, financials, plans to divorce, how they met their spouses in intimate detail
  • My tv screen went black halfway into the flight
  • Room wasn’t ready for 2 hours at the hotel
  • Apple store across the street ran out of iPhones 20 minutes before I got there, and were surprisingly rude

Here’s a glass is half full, glad to be here in San Francisco summary:

  • But I made it, alive
  • 65 degrees, sunny (perfect)
  • Met a ton of old friends, long time online friends finally in person
  • Brad Inman can still put on a show
  • Chief Economist at BofA main session gave great, forthright overview
  • Listened to Craig Newmark – quirky and endearing, “Constitution gets used again after the election” discussion (plus, as an added bonus, Craigslist discussion)
  • Hung out with Dustin Luther, saw his terrific presentation at the main conference
  • Winced at hyperinflation talk (1000%, 20 years, without factoring in corrective market forces) but otherwise loved the bull vs bear discussion, and at the end decided I didn’t need to jump off the Golden Gate
  • Couldn’t twitter during the conference, no ATT reception on the main conference and didn’t realize how simple the wireless password was. duh!
  • Went to the Trulia BBQ – on the trolley and spoke at length with the Marker Man who had to turn sideways to fit – best (only) meatballs I have ever had in SF
  • Had dinner with some of the smartest econ bloggers out there – UrbanDigs, Naked Capitalism, Calculated Risk and their better halfs
  • Realized it was about 2:30 am EST and had to end the evening without going to the Curbed party (I know, serious wimp)

Going to cook some more today.

One Response to “Inman SF, A Convection Oven Of Information”

  1. Noah says:

    Had a great time Jonathan! Good to see you and thanks for coming out for dinner!