Last year was my first Inman Connect conference as I never made the trip to San Francisco. I really enjoyed it. This year should prove to be even better. In fact there is danger of sensory overload, which is a good thing.

For additional clarity, Brad Inman might reconsider changing the name of the conference to:

Inman Real Estate Connect NYC: Connecting The Connected, The Unconnected And The Disconnected

Sorry – I just recovered from the flu and a NY Jets loss so I am feeling a little dizzy.

Last year I was part of a panel on market conditions in New York which proved to be interesting because two of the panelists basically said that the housing market was perfectly fine, and two (self included) said the market was not fine, but not dire, specifically in New York.

This year it is a different topic and a different roll for me. I get to moderate a panel of distinguished guests on Tuesday at 2pm that are a whole lot smarter than me about a key issue facing real estate agents in the current turbulent real estate market. It concerns the topic of managing buyer and seller expectations and the potential tools that may make this easier.

Whats the secret to managing expectations and why does it matter? Shhhh, its a secret to be exposed at my panel discussion.

2 Responses to “Inman RE Connect Panel: VALUATION: New Tools to Set Buyer and Seller Expectations”

  1. John K says:

    Mr Miller! I was at your discussion group but you snuck out the back so fast, I couldn’t find you.

    Were the Feds after you?

  2. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Hi John, no, they’re not after me this week (as far as I know). I was standing outside in the hallway after panel discussion for quite a while. Met a bunch of people. Sorry I missed you. I had asked around for you as well – the condo exchange guys in the exhibiti hall. Maybe the next one!