Here’s a quick video snippet of the last two panels of the 2009 New York Inman Connect conference which is always a great time. I was invited to speak at the main session for the last panel of the conference.

The Real Deal magazine parsed out some of the conversations, specifically from Dottie Herman and moi.


6 Responses to “[Inman Connect] No one is living in tents…yet”

  1. Edd Gillespie says:

    I went over to Real Deal and read some of the comments. If I can’t legally copy and paste from there due some copyright thing then don’t put this post up. If indeed the privilege of a free market has been extended to Wall Street then it is past time it was withdrawn. The folks there can’t seem handle the self discipline that goes with word “free.”

    Here is somebody’s anonymous comment and my diatribe in retort: Anonymous

    Jonathan – don’t you realize you can’t a free market system with government regulation – that’s not a free market – free market and regulation can’t exist at the same time. Going forward we need less regulation not more. If government wouldn’t have gotten involved in our markets this never would have happened.

    Comment #3 Posted By: Anonymous 01/14/09 Edd Gillespie

    Doesn’t Anonymous # 3 yet realize that the free market can only exist efficiently with a free flow of information and when the flow of information meets the hurdles of “lack of transparency” and deliberate disinformation everything will implode? What we are seeing is the reaction of consumers with good sense to being lied to and ripped off. It has nothing at all to do with government, although government seems to be perennially in the same pocket where the money is.

    Our government exists in large part to protect the country and you have only to look at what these economic terrorists have accomplished to know the government failed miserably in that job.

    This mess is the fault of too little oversight of the crooks not too much government intervention.

    Keep preaching Jonathan. The culprits won’t like it and they will continue to proselytize converts with the siren’s song of a “free market.” The culprits are only trying to preserve their hiding places.

  2. Thanks Edd – I ran a quick comment over there on your suggestion.

  3. Keith says:

    This is kind of unrelated, but does anyone ever analyze the ‘other boroughs’ (Bronx, Queens and SI)?

    Just curious. I usually only see Brooklyn and Manhattan.

  4. Yep – we cover Queens at 4Q08 being released shortly.

  5. Hi Jonathan – I did my best to capture this session as well. Mike Simonsen and I have always appreciated the clarity you present to the housing market.

  6. Thanks Scott – great to catch up. You and Mike got it goin’ One of the few who will have a successful 2009!