Congrats to Noah Rosenblatt at for winning this year’s Most Innovative Real Estate Blog award. He’s got a refreshing approach to the interpretation of the NYC real estate market from someone on the front lines. He won out over (Rain City Guide, The Walk-Through (New York Times), Center for Realtor Technology, SocketSite and of course, Matrix (But I’ve already told you that before).

Congrats to all the other winners, especially Property Shark, Trulia and October Research Corporation since I am directly familiar with what they do and how they do it. Impressive!

Honestly (see Inman theme), my heart aches to have missed out on the trip to Real Estate Connect San Francisco 2006 this year, but alas, too many things on my plate at the moment. Especially the theme: Is Real Estate Ready for Honesty? (What a concept.)

I definitely plan to attend Inman in New York, and hopefully make it out west next year.

Congrats to the other winners at the conference. For a housing market that is – not what it was, its inspiring to see the quantity and quality of innovation that is out there. Truly an exciting moment in real estate technology.

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One Response to “Inman Awards Announced”

  1. UrbanDigs says:

    Thanks Jonathan!

    It killed me also that I couldn’t make it and look forward to meeting you at the conference in NYC in January!!